Hard or Soft

A suitcase is either Hard or Soft. Hard shell cases are great for those wanting to have the feeling of additional security with a tough outer shell, while Soft cases are useful for being more flexible and are often lighter in weight. Some have the benefit of being expandable with additional features such as front pockets. 

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The majority of collections are made from woven polyester, a hard wearing man made fabric.

The other main fabric used is nylon, which is another man-made material which tends to be lighter.

Soft cases are useful for being more flexible, and some have the benefit of being expandable which increases capacity, while often having additional features such as front pockets

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Hard shell suitcases are made from either ABS, Polypropylene or Polycarbonate. All are strong, tough and durable plastics, but provide different looks.

ABS is made from plastic and a rubber substitute, and is tough and hardwearing. It is also used for motorcycle helmets.

Polypropylene is an oil-based plastic, which is injection moulded into shape which allows for more detailed design. Given its high impact properties along with luggage it is also used for such things as car bumpers.

Polycarbonate is a moulded type of thermoplastic and is a newer technology and has our highest impact resistance, the material flexes upon impact then flexes back to its original shape.

Hard cases are usually secured with a zip around the shell, however we also offer non-zip cases which are secured with clip locks for enhanced security.