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Soft Cabin Cases

Discover Tripp's range of soft cabin suitcases, designed to blend functionality and style. Whether jet-setting abroad or planning a staycation, our soft shell cabin luggage is your perfect travel companion. Shopping for a cabin case for a specific airline? Click the button below to see all compatible cases by Airline.

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Tripp Style Lite Graphite Duffle 30x55x25cmTripp Style Lite Graphite Duffle 30x55x25cm
Tripp Style Lite Graphite Duffle 30x55x25cm
£29.00 £39.50 Save 26%
5  (39)

Tripp Ultra Lite Black Cabin Duffle 50x38x19cm
Carry On Suitcase
£29.50 £84.00 Save 64%
5  (9)

Tripp Affinity Grey Marl Cabin Suitcase 55x40x20cmTripp Affinity Grey Marl Cabin Suitcase 55x40x20cm
New Arrival
Tripp Affinity Grey Marl Cabin Suitcase 55x40x20cm
4 Wheel Carry On Suitcase
£39.00 £45.00 Save 13%
Tripp Voyage Black Cabin Suitcase 55x40x20cmTripp Voyage Black Cabin Suitcase 55x40x20cm
New Arrival
Tripp Voyage Black Cabin Suitcase 55x40x20cm
4 Wheel Carry On Suitcase
£39.00 £45.00 Save 13%
5  (4)

Tripp Superlite 4W Berry Cabin Suitcase 55x37x20cm
4 Wheel Carry On Suitcase
£35.00 £99.00 Save 64%
5  (40)

Soft Cabin Cases

Versatility Meets Style: Our meticulously curated collection of soft cabin suitcases is the epitome of travel elegance. With a variety of colours and designs, each piece is crafted to complement your travel ensemble while meeting your functional needs. From vibrant hues to classic tones, find the perfect match to express your personal style.

Effortless Mobility: Navigate through airports and city streets with ease. Our soft cabin cases are equipped with four smooth-rolling wheels, offering 360-degree manoeuvrability. Whether navigating over cobblestones or gliding through bustling terminals, your Tripp suitcase ensures a seamless journey from start to finish.

Security on the Go: Travel with confidence knowing your belongings are secure. Our soft luggage features integrated TSA locks or padlocks, ensuring your items are safely tucked away. For trips to the USA, the TSA lock allows customs to access your suitcase without damage, providing peace of mind wherever you go.

Optimised For Airline Compatibility: Our cabin suitcases are designed with your travel convenience in mind, adhering to the size restrictions of major airlines like British Airways, EasyJet Up Front, and Ryanair Priority. Whether it's a quick weekend getaway or a longer adventure, we've got you covered with the perfect size to fit your journey.

Lightweight Design For Maximum Packing: Embrace the freedom to pack more with our lightest soft shell cabin luggage. Starting at just 2.1kg for cabin size, enjoy the flexibility to add that extra pair of shoes or souvenirs without worrying about weight limits.

Expand Your Horizons: For those who need a little extra, our expandable cabin luggage options are a game-changer. Easily increase your packing capacity with just a zip, making room for every travel essential. Embark on your next journey with Tripp's soft cabin luggage, where functionality, style, and peace of mind travel hand in hand.

Soft Cabin Luggage FAQs

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to help guide you through choosing the perfect Tripp soft cabin case or bag for your travels. Explore our FAQs to find out more about sizes, styles, and what makes Tripp the go-to choice for travellers across the UK. Click a Question below to find out more.

Is it better to have a hard or soft suitcase? ↓

It's a matter of preference. Hard suitcases protect contents better and are durable. Soft suitcases offer flexibility in packing and are lighter, making them easy to fit into overhead bins.

What is the lightest hand suitcase? ↓

Tripp's soft cabin suitcases are among the lightest available, designed for easy handling and to avoid airline weight limits.

What colour suitcase is best? ↓

The best colour for your suitcase depends on personal preference and practicality. Bright colours and unique patterns, available in Tripp's range, make your luggage easy to spot on the carousel and stand out from the crowd. Alternatively, classic black or neutral tones offer a sleek and timeless look. Tripp caters to all tastes with a wide variety of colours and designs.

What are the pros and cons of soft cabin luggage? ↓

Pros: Lightweight, flexible for packing, and often have external pockets. Cons: Offer less protection for contents and can absorb smells and stains.

Do airlines prefer soft cabin suitcases? ↓

Airlines don't have a preference; the key is adhering to their size and weight restrictions. Soft cases are practical for fitting into tight spaces.

What counts as soft hand luggage? ↓

Soft hand luggage is made from flexible materials, often with external pockets and expandable features, suitable for carry-on.

Can you take soft luggage on a plane? ↓

Yes, soft luggage is allowed on planes, both as carry-on and checked baggage, offering flexibility and convenience for travelers.
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