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Bags Without Wheels

Here you will find the perfect weekend bag, plus the ideal bag to take on board.

Tripp Black 'Ultra Lite' HoldallTripp Black 'Ultra Lite' Holdall
Save 50%
Was £25.00Now £12.50
Tripp Mulberry 'Ultra Lite' HoldallTripp Mulberry 'Ultra Lite' Holdall
Save 50%
Was £27.00Now £13.50

Tripp Graphite 'Style Lite' Flight BagTripp Graphite 'Style Lite' Flight Bag
Save 27%
Was £29.00Now £21.00

Tripp Charcoal 'Superlite 4W' HoldallTripp Charcoal 'Superlite 4W' Holdall
Save 50%
Was £38.00Now £19.00
Tripp Sage 'Style Lite' Flight BagTripp Sage 'Style Lite' Flight Bag
Save 37%
Was £27.00Then £19.50 Now £17.00

Tripp Black 'Essentials Business' SuitcoverTripp Black 'Essentials Business' Suitcover
Save 15%
Was £20.00Now £17.00

Tripp Azure 'Full Circle' Flight BagTripp Azure 'Full Circle' Flight Bag
Save 20%
Was £17.50Now £14.00
Tripp Silver 'Full Circle' Flight BagTripp Silver 'Full Circle' Flight Bag
Save 29%
Was £17.00Now £12.00
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