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Suitcase Size, Weight & Capacity



There are three sizes of suitcase: largemedium and cabin. A large case is often suited for a 2 week or longer trip, or a family wishing to pack more and a medium case is better suited for a week away. Cabin size is great for a long weekend or to take on board when you wish to avoid checked baggage fees.

To make the most use of storage space, cases purchased from the same suitcase collection set can be stored within each other. For example, a Holiday Cabin will fit inside a Holiday Medium. A Holiday Medium will, in turn, fit inside a Holiday Large.

What size is best for you ultimately depends on what type of trip you are going on and how much you wish to pack.

Before you purchase we always recommend you check with your airline for their size and weight restrictions as these can vary.  We have useful search tools when choosing your Cabin luggage that search by airline to show you the Cabin cases that fit within their restrictions.

All dimensions are the external measurements and are approximate.  These are taken from the largest part of the case inclusive of wheels and any protruding parts.  We do not provide the internal measurements.

Capacity measurements are based on the main compartment inside the suitcase, are measured in litres and are approximate. Capacity information is another guide for comparing the size of different suitcases.

Dimensions and capacity is shown in the description of all of our products*.

All Tripp suitcases are lightweight, with soft suitcases weighing under 4kg. Hard cases are under 4.5kg. With some large hard cases weighting just 3.5kg.

If you would like advice on the choosing the right size suitcase for your trip, we would be delighted to help.

Simply email customerservice@tripp.co.uk

*All measurements are approximate.