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Choosing Honeymoon Suitcases

Honeymoons are a time for married couples to bond, relax and celebrate their relationship after their wedding. Honeymoons are different for each team. Some like a cosy staycation, and others dream of a sunny holiday abroad where they can spend time together lying on a beach. 

If your wedding is fast approaching and you’re on the countdown to your honeymoon, why not purchase his and her honeymoon suitcases to channel your excitement before you jet off?  Investing in a good set of suitcases you can use for years is a great way to splurge on yourselves as a newly married couple.  Luggage also makes a brilliant wedding gift so perhaps choose your favourite and let a family member know which luggage you might like.  It’ll serve you for years to come and be a wonderful reminder of your special day each time you get your cases out to pack.

At Tripp, we have a selection of luggage sets that would work perfectly for a newly married couple looking for new honeymoon luggage sets for their exciting getaway. 


His and Hers Suitcases for Honeymoons

Only the best luggage will do for your honeymoon adventure, so why not go matching? A matching suitcase set is a great way to travel in style on your honeymoon with your significant other; investing in his and hers suitcases is the way to go. 

Make your suitcases match by matching the colours or having a mix-and-match selection from the same collection. Matching your luggage is a great way to make a statement whilst maintaining your own personal style with the colour choice. 


Our matching suitcases for couples

At Tripp, we have a great selection of suitcases to choose from that you can mix and match to help create the perfect couples suitcase set collection for your honeymoon getaway. Our suitcases are trendy but don’t lack security and durability. 

Our best-selling suitcase collection, ‘Holiday 6’, is excellent for mixing and matching colour combinations and sizes. Due to the wide colour range, a colour is bound to suit you and your partner.  Available in cabin, medium and large, as well as featuring a combination TSA lock, this collection is perfect for all and will last for years with our trusty Tripp five-year guarantee. 


What should I pack for a honeymoon?

Honeymoon packing can be overwhelming; knowing what to pack can be unknown to a lot of people due to it being a once in a lifetime holiday for most. The type of holiday you plan to go on will depend on what luggage you need and the size of your suitcase. 

If you have booked a city break to celebrate your marriage, you will likely only require a cabin-sized suitcase to pack your honeymoon essentials. Due to it being a short holiday, you won’t need much room, and in most cases, a cabin case will do. 

You will need the extra luggage space if you are going on a 1-2 week adventure, such as a sunny abroad destination or a ski holiday. A medium or large suitcase would be best, depending on how long your packing checklist is.


Our Honeymoon Packing List

Some honeymoon essentials include fancy evening outfits for a romantic meal and a swimsuit to enjoy a luxurious spa day. 

There are some things to pack for honeymoon getaways and other essentials you should not forget; therefore, we have created a small checklist for those preparing for a honeymoon getaway. Click here


Honeymoon Suitcases & Luggage From Tripp

Shop Our ‘Horizon’ Collection

At Tripp we have a selection of suitcases that would be great for your honeymoon getaway. Our ‘Horizon’ collection is made from tough and durable ABS, of which 50% is recycled. It now comes with an integrated TSA lock for extra security when travelling. Available in the colour champagne it’s a great colourway to invest in for your honeymoon. 


Shop Our ‘Retro II’ Collection

Another great collection from Tripp is our ‘Retro II’ collection. Just like our ‘Horizon’ collection the ‘Retro II’ suitcases now come with an integrated TSA lock. Currently available in our navy colourway, this chic and stylish collection features a top and side grab handle to help make travelling easy when needing to lift your luggage around.


Destination Wedding

If you are lucky enough to be travelling abroad for your wedding, you are sure to want to travel in style, knowing that your most valued possessions are safe and secure, en route for your special day.  It’s also a lovely touch (and makes for an amazing photo)  for your bridal party to travel with matching cases.  We have a huge assortment of cases in differing colours to suit all your parties sense of style. Check out our hard side suitcases here.





20th February 2023

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