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The Best Mini Breaks For Using Up Your Annual Leave


Many people come to the end of the year or tax year and notice they still have some unused annual leave to take but need help figuring out how to use it. People like to take their annual leave for an exciting reason and ask themselves what to do with unused annual leave.

There are some great mini breaks that you can take when you have some unused annual leave to take. In the UK, we have some great city breaks and small staycation options if you want to stay closer to home. However, if you’re going to travel further, Europe has some great city destinations for a mini break. This can be a great way of surprising a partner or family member with an end-of-year getaway. 

A tremendous benefit of taking a mini break is that there is only a need for a small amount of luggage for short breaks. This is a significant way of saving costs whilst going on holiday due to not needing a large baggage allowance; most will only need a cabin suitcase. 


Shop The Tripp ‘Ultra Lite’ Tote Bag


The ‘Ultra Lite’ Tote Bag is available in two colours; black and mulberry. This stylish and lightweight travel bag is perfect for a weekend away. In addition, this bag would be an excellent addition to your cabin bag collection. With a removable and adjustable strap, this bag is easy to carry if you want to take it in addition to a suitcase.


Shop The Tripp ‘Full Circle II’ Cabin 4-Wheel Suitcase


The Tripp ‘Full Circle II’ Cabin 4-Wheel Suitcase features a front zip pocket and has a capacity of 30 litres, so it doesn’t lack space. This lightweight suitcase fits in most major airline cabin spaces, including; EasyJet, British Airways and Ryanair Priority. Featuring 4 wheels this suitcase is great for someone looking for that perfect weekend break case. Available in three different colours, including; steel, black and grape, there is a colour for everyone. 

Hot Tub Mini Breaks

Hot tub mini breaks are an excellent staycation holiday option. There are many hot tub break options throughout the UK, with some popular locations being Cornwall. Centre Parks is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a woodland break featuring a hot tub for family and friends. There are five Centre Parks in the UK and one in Ireland. At Centre Parks, you can participate in indoor and outdoor activities throughout the day and early evening and then, at the end of the day, return to your lodge and relax with a hot tub session. 

Another giant hot tub mini break option is glamping. Glamping has become popular throughout the years as a new stylish camping option for those who like having access to electricity and water. Glamping options are available throughout the UK and can be easily found with a quick Google search. 

Don’t forget, a staycation in the UK can also include your 4 legged fur baby!  Airbnb have a whole host of options that are pet friendly so you can bring your much loved furry member of the family along for the holiday enjoyment.

The perk of booking a hot tub break is that you won’t have to travel too far. Due to not having airline restrictions and being able to travel via car or train, you can take unlimited luggage. Tripp has a great selection of luggage options that are perfect for all holidays. 


Explore Our ‘Escape’ Suitcase Collection 


At Tripp, the ‘Escape’ Collection has some great options for trust-worthy suitcases for all types of travel. The ‘’Escape’ expandable medium travel suitcase is made from tough and durable polypropylene and is exceptionally lightweight. Being expandable, this suitcase allows you to add more room for all your personal belongings when needed. Pair with the matching cabin 4-wheel suitcase, and you will have the perfect luggage set for your hot tub getaway.


Explore Our ‘Lily’ Suitcases


If you are looking for a more eye catching design for your hot tub getaway with the girls, look no further than our ‘Lily’ Suitcase Collection. There is something for everything from holdall bags to a sizeable 4-wheel suitcase. This flower print will stand out wherever you go whilst providing the strength and security you need from a suitcase.

Mini City Breaks

There are great mini-city breaks in the UK or perhaps flying to a new European destination. They allow for sightseeing and shopping wherever you go and there’s always so much to see. 

If you want to hop on a plane to a new experience for your mini break, Rome might be for you. Rome has so much to do for friends looking to escape or a couple wanting to spend some time together. Making pizza from scratch or visiting the Colosseum, Italy has many activities and fantastic sites to see. With Rome being great if you want an excellent three-day trip, a cabin case is all you need for your mini-city break. Our ‘Chic’ Suitcase Collection has a choice of large, medium or cabin for you to choose from. However, our Tripp Black ‘Chic’ 4 Wheel Front Opener Cabin Suitcase is excellent for those who want to minimise travel bags whilst on a busy city break. 

The ‘Chic’ 4 Wheel Front Opener Cabin Suitcase is tough and durable and offers easy access to documents with the front pocket, making entry easy in a busy airport or train station. In addition, the cabin case can be securely locked on both compartments with integrated TSA locks for extra safety when travelling. 

London is a popular destination in the UK for people to travel to for a weekend getaway with both family and friends. With it being a big tourist attraction, there are some must dos, with the London Eye and Buckingham Palace being popular visits. In addition, London is a great place to do some shopping, and with great restaurants across the city, eating out is always the go-to option. Travelling to London by car or train means you can take unlimited luggage for your mini break. Our ‘Horizon’ Cabin Suitcase is made from tough and durable ABS, including 50% recycled ABS. Now featuring an integrated TSA lock on our upgraded ‘Horizon’ suitcases, this suitcase is great for providing security to your belongings. 

Products pictured:


Weekend Break Away

In the UK, a seaside break is an excellent way of escaping for a weekend break away. With options from Cornwall and Devon to Dorset in the South of England, all highly recommended for a family trip. Seaside towns have many offers, such as sea life centres and aquariums, and we can’t forget the beach. It’s a great idea for taking your kids away in the summer, with the option of caravan stays and camping or even glamping. 


Shop Our ‘Holiday 6’ Collection

At Tripp, our most iconic collection is our ‘Holiday 6’ Suitcase Collection. With our Cabin Suitcase in this collection being rated the Best Suitcase For Kids by The Independent for 2022, it shows it’s an excellent option for all! Mix and match with different coloured medium and large cases from the collection to suit your family members personalities. 


Romantic Mini Breaks

Paris is an excellent location in terms of travel time and sightseeing. In Paris, you can visit the Effiel Tower and the Lourve, and the food is exceptional. Paris is a great romantic break for you and your partner, with much to do. When visiting Paris for a short vacation, you can just take along a cabin suitcase for ease, it’s also great for taking on the Eurostar. 

Venice is another popular romantic destination for couples. With gondola boat trips available up the Grand Canal, it’s a popular destination for proposals. In addition, due to Venice’s small size, it’s an excellent place for a long weekend getaway, with many flight options from the major airports in the UK. 

With a short 2-hour flight, Amsterdam is a frequent mini-break destination. The city has much to offer, making it an excellent choice for couples. You can tour the canals on a pedal boat. The Van Gogh and Anne Frank Museums are popular tourist attractions in the city. 


Shop Our ‘Ultra Lite’ 4-Wheel Cabin Suitcase 

The romantic mini breaks suggested above are perfect for taking a small cabin suitcase so you can easily travel. Our ‘Ultra Lite’ 4-Wheel Cabin Suitcase is contemporary in appearance and exceptionally lightweight. Available in three different colours, you will find one that suits your style. This cabin suitcase features a front pocket so you can access any necessary travel documents quickly and efficiently when needed. Featuring a padlock and keys, this suitcase doesn’t lack security. 


Wherever you go, trust in Tripp!

With our five-year guarantee being available throughout our collections, you know you can trust it on all your upcoming adventures, big or small. In addition, we have a range of suitcase and cabin bags in a wide variety of colours to suit everyone’s style, so we are confident you will find something that fits your personality and travel needs.

5th January 2023

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