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The new Retro 4 wheel lightweight suitcase collection is made from tough and durable ABS. This stylish lightweight luggage is available in a chic matte finish and comes in a soft metallic colour palette.
  • Secure integrated combination TSA lock
  • 4 wheel lightweight luggage collection
  • Cabin luggage fits within most major airlines including Ryanair, Easyjet and British Airways
  • Travel in confidence with Tripp's 5 year guarantee

Tripp Champagne 'Retro' Medium 4 Wheel SuitcaseTripp Champagne 'Retro' Medium 4 Wheel Suitcase
Save 45%
Was £70.00Then £42.00 Now £38.00
Tripp Champagne 'Retro' Cabin 4 Wheel SuitcaseTripp Champagne 'Retro' Cabin 4 Wheel Suitcase
Save 29%
Was £59.50Then £45.00 Now £42.00

Tripp Blush 'Retro' Cabin 4 Wheel SuitcaseTripp Blush 'Retro' Cabin 4 Wheel Suitcase
Save 29%
Was £59.50Now £42.00
Tripp Champagne 'Retro' Large 4 Wheel SuitcaseTripp Champagne 'Retro' Large 4 Wheel Suitcase
Save 30%
Was £85.00Then £65.00 Now £59.50

Tripp Pewter 'Retro' Cabin 4 Wheel SuitcaseTripp Pewter 'Retro' Cabin 4 Wheel Suitcase
Save 29%
Was £59.50Now £42.00