Packing Tips

Plan your outfits for each day and consider wearing the same item more than once to reduce your packing e.g. jeans can be worn to create a couple of outfits, as can a skirt or jumper.
Write down a list of outfits and lay them out to see it all together so it's easy to eliminate if need be.

Take flip flops, casual shoes or sandals, sneakers or walking shoes, and one pair of going out shoes
Wrap shoes in plastic bags so they don't mark your clothes during transit

Minimise on toiletries
Try and find travel-sized products as they reduce room and weight and pack toiletries in a sealed, waterproof bag in case of any accidental leakages.

Take a little first aid kit
Include anti nausea tablets, travel sickness tablets, headache tablets, bandaids, nail clippers, insect spray, suncream and anything else specific to your destination or personal health.

Ensure you have the correct adaptors for your electricals and remember to pack all necessary chargers - camera, phone, shaver.

Plastic Bags
Pack a few empty plastic bags to separate laundry or any wet items such as swimwear.

Keep your details safe
Scan a copy of your passport, visa and paper tickets and either print them out to pack in your main luggage, copy onto a usb to pack or email them to yourself for immediate access should your bag go missing. A copy of your credit cards and bank contact details could prove useful if you need to report and cancel any stolen cards.

Identify your case
Suitcases, particularly in black, can often look the same on the airport carousel so buy a suitcase in a bright colour or print, or clearly mark your suitcase on the outside with a ribbon or strap so its easily identifiable.

Contact details
Include your contact details in the luggage tag on the outside of your suitcase and ensure your details are also on the inside should your case get lost and luggage tag is lost as well.

Cabin luggage packing tips
Pack your travel documents including passports, visas, money, insurance details, travellers cheques, tickets and vouchers and make sure they are secure in a travel wallet or a secure zip inside your bag.
Pack a copy of your passport and put in a separate place from your original ie. in your check-in luggage.
Pack spare underwear and a spare top for long haul flights and in case your luggage is delayed or flight is delayed for long periods.
Pack socks and a jumper for the flight, as it can often get cold.
Take chewing gum on board as it help with blocked ears.
Pack an inflatable travel pillow and earplugs for long haul trips.