Key Features

Four4 wheels

4 wheels that each turn 360 degrees means this case goes where you go effortlessly. They are an essential stress-reliever for long-haul travel!


Lightweight New high tech fabrics and lightweight frame construction have given us a new generation of lightweight suitcases, making life on the road much more comfortable. Don't let appearances fool you - these specialised engineering techniques eliminate weight without sacrificing strength.


Expandability Like the elastic in your waistband after an enormous dinner, the expandability feature gives you more room, but only when you need it. It will be your new best friend after that last shopping trip!


Silent wheels Arriving at siesta time on the Continent can be noisy and embarrassing if you have an old suitcase with nylon wheels. Our new rubber wheels absorb the impacts of a rough surface as they travel quietly over those cobblestones.


Cabin size Is an absolute "must have", especially on those longer flights where you will want to take a few personal things to make your journey more comfortable. The allowance varies greatly so give your airline a call a few days before you fly.


Laptop friendly Protect your valuable business tool in a business case with a specially designed, padded laptop compartment. Friendly tip - some insurance firms will no longer insure your laptop if it is in a computer branded bag. Buy one of our anonymous-looking Tripp business bags instead, much safer.