Tripp and Debenhams


Debenhams are having a closing down sale and we want to reassure all our valued customers that Tripp is an independent company completely separate from Debenhams.  We are the UK's best selling luggage brand and will continue to provide you with high quality, great value suitcases, travel bags and accessories.

If you have placed an order recently via the Debenhams website this will be fulfilled as normal. For any queries on Tripp items purchased on Debenhams website before the 12th April please visit

If you need to contact us about your order please do so via the 'Contact us page' on the website or email us at

The following English, Welsh Northern Irish Debenhams stores are now open and trading.

Banbury Cardiff Leeds White Rose
Ballymena Carlisle Lichfield
Barrow Chelmsford Liverpool
Basildon Cheshire Oaks Manchester
Basingstoke Chester Mansfield
Bath Chesterfield Meadowhall
Belfast Colchester Merryhill
Beverley Coventry Newcastle
Birmingham Doncaster Newry
Blackburn Exeter Plymouth
Bournemouth Gloucester Preston
Brighton Guildford Romford
Bristol Hanley Rushmere
Bromley Harrow Scarborough
Brighton Hereford Sheffield
Bristol Hull Swansea
Bromley Lakeside Trafford Park