Size Guide

Average suitcase sizes

Our height measurements are taken from the bottom of the wheels to the top of the case when the trolley handle is down. Where cases are expandable we provide both the standard and expanded measurements. For every case we provide the specific dimensions in the product description.


Size Height
77cm / 30 inches
67cm / 26 inches
54cm / 21 inches


49cm / 19 inches
45cm / 18 inches

37cm / 15 inches

32cm / 12 inches
28cm / 11 inches
20cm / 8 inches


 Visual size guide


Suitcase capacity

Capacity measurements are based on the main compartment inside the suitcase, and are measured in litres. This is best used to simply compare different suitcases as it is difficult to visualise.

As a guide, our cabin cases have an average capacity of 20 litres, whilst our large cases have an average capacity of 100 litres. Capacity is shown in the description of all of our products.

If you would like advice on the correct size case for your trip, we would be delighted to help.

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Cabin luggage

At Tripp we have a wide range of carry-on luggage available. We cover off most airline specifications using the standard BAA guideline for carry-on luggage, which is 56cm x 45 x 25cm used by leading airlines such as British Airways, Easyjet and Monarch.

We also offer the smaller carry-on allowance of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm enforced by other airlines such as Ryanair, Cityjet, Thomson Fly. In addition to this we also have smaller bags stipulated by the smaller carriers such as Flybe and

To download our cabin checker guide, simply click here.

It is best to check with your airline for the carry-on allowances of your journey before making your purchase.

Lightweight products

Most of our products are made with lightweight materials and construction techniques.

When identifying a range as lightweight we weigh the large cases. Large soft cases generally weigh 5kg or less, whilst large hard cases weigh 6kg or less to be classed as lightweight. The smaller cases in each range naturally weigh less.

Super-lightweight cases are 25% lighter than their lightweight equivalents. If you are looking for the lightest way to travel then consider using large wheel duffles - these are often the lightest option due to their deconstructed design.

Product weights are always included in our luggage product description. We recommend confirming your weight allowances with the airline before you travel.